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Everything You Need to Know to Be Ready to Locate the Right Solution When You Need It

Virtual Hold

Presented By: Virtual Hold

May 18th, 1:00pm Eastern

Brian Brotherton Director, Product Management, Virtual Hold Technology


About the Webcast

Sometimes, a sudden shopping need comes up in both our personal and business lives. Maybe it won’t be tomorrow, next week, or even next month, but eventually you will be tasked to identify and evaluate a critical item to better serve your customer base.  When the decision is made ‘We need a (fill-in-the-blank)', it’s crucial to have an idea on where to start and a game plan to locate the best possible solution at the lowest price.  

 New products are being invented. Software giants keep moving into new fields. Startups are sprouting up all over the globe. With all the diverse and ever-changing options, you need to be ready to act fast to find exactly what is needed. Staying a step ahead can make the difference. 

Join us as we take you through a best practice process for the next time you’re called upon to shop smart for your organization. We will discuss: 

  • The invaluable first step when looking at a new solution, process or methodology
  • Why you need to be involved in decisions that affect the contact center; technology selection is no longer solely an IT concern 
  • How to match your needs to a best-in-class approach 
  • What questions to ask when deciding between alternatives


    About the Presenters

    Brian Brotherton, Director, Product Management

    Brian Brotherton, Director, Product Management, Virtual Hold Technology 

    Brian has 16 years of experience in the contact center space and has been called one of the 150 product managers to follow on Twitter. His passionate belief is that technology should eliminate pain and inconvenience, not add to it. As Director of Product Management, Brian’s overarching drive is to assist in making products and services a pleasure to use, particularly in the field of customer experience.