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CHAT IS DEAD - The new horizon of Unified Digital Communications


Presented By: [24]7.ai

Presented by Reagan Miller, Vice President, Chat Agent Operations, and Graham Knowles, Enterprise Solutions Architect, [24]7

Live Date: November 10, 2016. SIGN IN TO LISTEN TO THE RECORDING.

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About the Webcast

The death knoll has rung for individual channels including chat, SMS, social media and email. Yes, the days of siloed channels are over. In the modern connected world, consumer communication preferences are varied, diverse and complex and the variety of channels they use is growing each year. Coupled with the imperatives of personalization, prediction and intelligent contextual interactions, it’s time for a new approach to digital channels.

Listen to this recorded webinar to learn how to make your digital channels work together to create consistently brilliant experiences for your consumers. You’ll learn how to:

•  Know a consumer’s identity across all channels in real time
•  Predict intent and serve up precisely the right interaction to deliver an amazing relationship moment
•  Become channel agnostic
•  Orchestrate experiences in three dimensions
•  Reduce OpEx and improve NPS

Reagan Miller and Graham Knowles are the speakers for this action packed session. You’ll take away concrete ideas about transforming your consumer’s digital experience and create value for your consumers and your organization.

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About the Presenters

Reagan Miller, Vice President Chat Agent Operations, [24]7

Reagan has 25 years in Contact Center industry. Prior to joining [24]7 he held strategic roles at West Corporation and Aegis Communications Group. During his 10 year tenure at [24]7, he has worked on the development of the Chat program management and operations functions which currently deploys over 5000 sales, service and technical support agents across several verticals. He has extensive experience managing large P&Ls across multiple sites, geos and client sectors.

Graham Knowles, Enterprise Solutions Architect, [24]7

Graham has spent a career designing digital customer experiences. After a decade at top technology companies like Salesforce and Oracle, Graham has established himself as a thought leader on how to deliver the promise of effortless customer experience to create customer service-led brand promoters.