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The Artificially Intelligent Agent: The Role of AI and Chatbots in Customer Engagement


Presented By: [24]7.ai

Presented by Kathy Brown, VP, Speech Sciences and Chief Data Scientist; Daniel Hong, Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy; and David Lloyd, SVP Global Platform Delivery & Managing Director, [24]7


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About the Webcast

Long before HAL, JARVIS, and SKYNET the idea of artificially intelligent robots taking over the world was a common recurrence in pop culture. Despite being many years away from that grim probability, current artificial intelligence (AI) developments have many practical uses in today’s world, especially when it comes to customer engagement.

Listen to this webcast as we discuss and dissect:
• The realities of what can be achieved today with AI without breaking the bank
• How chatbots and AI will change how customers interact with enterprises
• The foundation to evolve AI into an effective customer engagement strategy
• Understanding cost reduction vs cost optimization with AI
• Operationalizing chatbots in the enterprise

About the Presenters

Kathy Brown, VP, Speech Sciences and Chief Data Scientist, [24]7

Dr. Brown leads a global team in the research, development and deployment of next generation technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Modeling, Speech Research, and Data-Driven Predictive Interfaces. Her work in next generation conversational modeling has been featured in the recently published book Design of Multimodal Mobile Interfaces.

Daniel Hong, Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy, [24]7

Daniel has a wealth of experience in the customer experience industry. He was previously with Ovum Research, where he led their global Customer Experience & Interaction research and consulting practice and was responsible for the direction of contact center, self-service and customer experience research. Daniel has authored numerous reports, benchmark studies and articles, been featured in many publications was a consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

David Lloyd, SVP Global Platform Delivery & Managing Director, [24]7

David joined [24]7 in 2014 after the acquisition of IntelliResponse, the market leading solution for virtual assistants/bots founded in 2000. He was originally CTO then took over as CEO of IntelliResponse where they delivered over 450 implementations of their virtual assistants across banking, healthcare, insurance, retail, telecommunication, education and travel verticals. Post the acquisition, David heads the Platform Solutions Group responsible for the implementation of all the [24]7 Products world-wide.