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Contact Centers Care – Fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey

Contact Centers Care

Presented By: Contact Centers Care

Hurricanes don’t care what color you are, what sex you are, or who you voted for.  Hurricanes are devastating to those that suffer through them.    

Families are left with nothing; businesses are gone, children may never be able to return to their former home. The world has turned upside down for everything and everyone in Harvey’s path. 
However, with all the negative noise on cable news, I am encouraged by the images of people reaching out to help each other in the worst of circumstances.          

  • Harvey is projected to be the costliest natural disaster in US history – estimated 160 billion dollars.       
  • 30,000 people are in shelters        
  •  Property damage will run over 30 billion 

For over 20 years, CRMXchange has provided information to enhance knowledge and to help improve the customer service industry.  What better service can we provide than to help those whose lives have been devastated? 

CRMXchange is a free service to CX professionals.  Is your newly acquired knowledge worth at least $1, $5, $10?  If so, please join us by making a  contribution to the victims of Harvey. Donations will go to Save the Children. 

CRMXchange will match all donations up to $5000.00.  In addition, all CX vendors who donate at least $250 will receive a free listing in our site's Vendor Directory.



Thank you for your generosity. 

Sheri Greenhaus 
Managing Partner, CRMXchange 

Direct link to Save the Children: http://www.savethechildren.org/harvey-fundraiser/crmxchange