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CXMB Series 2016 Consumer Edition - Customer Journey Insights: The Consumer’s Perspective

The CXMB Series report, a collaboration between Execs In The Know and COPC Inc., is published bi-annually and features both Corporate and Consumer Editions. The objective is to cultivate a deep understanding of industry norms and best practices, while simultaneously providing customer experience professionals with a baseline to measure their organization’s own strategies and activities against.

The most recent release is the 2016 Consumer Edition – Customer Journey Insights: The Consumer’s Perspective. The Consumer Edition of the CXMB Series brings a host of new content in 2016, while a number of topics from last year’s report are clarified and expanded further, including the consumer’s preference for live interactions over automated ones and the consumer’s perception of the multi-channel journey.

This year’s Consumer Edition report also features two new sections: The Millennial Consumer and The Alternative Channel Customer Journey.

A few highlights from the findings:

• While much work remains to be done, there was a measurable improvement in the consumer’s overall impression of the customer care they received in 2016
• While the preference for Traditional Care remains strong, there was a slight pullback in 2016
• Consumer preference for human assistance over automated/self-help systems remains strong

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