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2017 - Improving Contact Center Workforce Management by Enhancing Both Strategic Planning and Agent Performance Management

 Presented By: Genesys

For years, workforce managers have been playing a version of “improvement whack-a-mole”:  there are times of the month where workforce managers focus on capacity plans, other times when they are developing training programs and plans, and daily, their focus can suddenly turn to the latest real-time emergency.  We have been attacking these important process improvements in pieces.

In this webinar series, Ric Kosiba of Genesys will focus on both how to better whack those individual, and important, improvements, and also discuss these improvements holistically – how an improvement in one area necessarily means an improvement in all of the other areas.


July 25th New Methods and Data that Will Improve Contact Center Forecasting
August 30th Improving Capacity Planning: Models are Important!
October 24th Managing Training: Who, What, and When!
November 15th         Bringing it Together: How Better Contact Center Plans Lead to a Better Operation