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dvsAnalytics’ Encore delivers Built-In eLearning


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dvsAnalytics’ Encore delivers Built-In eLearning

Latest Release offers eLearning content, management and reporting

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Scottsdale, AZ – dvsAnalytics, Inc., developer of the Encore™ Workforce Optimization (WFO) Suite, today announced the release of Encore v6.0.6 which includes exciting new built-in eLearning content, management and reporting. As a leader in the workforce optimization industry, dvsAnalytics continues to deliver software solutions that automate processes to help businesses improve their customers’ experiences. Encore v6.0.6 does just that. 

Encore’s eCoaching modules now link to built-in eLearning lessons. Traditionally, customers used their own eLearning content to link to Encore’s eCoaching assignments. Now Encore includes pre-loaded soft skill eLearning lessons.  These multi-media lessons have been created using media types such as PDF documents saved from Microsoft PowerPoint or Word files, videos, or URL links to lessons on an intranet or the Internet.  Also, enhanced tools for creating lessons from “best practice” Encore recordings has just become much easier.

In addition to adding eLearning content, this release of Encore includes tracking and managing the use of eLearning lessons for both agents and supervisors.  For example, agents can start a lesson, stop and resume, and pick up from where they left off, completing the lesson. Meanwhile, supervisors can now view time spent on lessons and compare that to expectations. 

“Encore’s built-in eLearning content and management is making it even easier for customers to improve their KPIs and, ultimately, the customer experience,” explains Paul Buckley, Product Manager.  

For more information about the Encore Workforce Optimization Suite, contact your Encore reseller or contact dvsAnalytics directly at sales@dvsAnalytics.com or 480-538-7750. Additional information on Encore v6.0.6 Workforce Optimization Suite can be found at www.dvsanalytics.com/encore-release.

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dvsAnalytics is a leading provider of workforce optimization software that enables organizations to improve their contact center performance while enhancing the customer experience. The company’s Encore Suite includes comprehensive applications for recording, 360° quality management, workforce management, analytics, and gamification. Encore is particularly known for its automated coaching, integrations with industry-leading communication platforms, and its rapid return on investment. dvsAnalytics has successfully delivered these solutions to enterprises, across all industries, for over 30 years. From its innovative solutions to exceptional support, customers and resellers find that doing business with dvsAnalytics is a pleasant and profitable experience. Learn more at www.dvsAnalytics.com.