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The Group will invest in the research and development of innovative ICT products for sustainable manufacturing


Milan, 27th February 2017 – The Italian region of Puglia has granted FINCONS GROUP approval to invest in a ‘smart manufacturing’ project, to be run from its smart-shore delivery center, providing services to clients across Europe. The region has granted access financing available exclusively to businesses that propose highly innovative projects.

In partnership with the region, the Group will invest in research and development of ICT solutions for the sustainable manufacturing industry in Europe. The products will be developed in Fincons’ Bari offices and will leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in order to respond to the increasing demands of the manufacturing market and to help manufacturers become ‘Smart Factories’ through the adoption of digital solutions.

The project, led by Fincons Group’s Innovation Team also calls on the Manufacturing Business Unit to innovate once again its ICT system integration and development solutions specifically designed for the manufacturing sector. Key objective is to develop a new “Fincons Smart Manufacturing Platform”. This platform package will include innovative products and practices combined with integration, software customisation and consulting services. IoT technologies will help increase productivity and improve integration of different supply chain phases thanks to the collection, analysis and transmission of data on production lines. Fincons Group is already trialling this model of smart manufacturing via its InnovationLab in partnership with other businesses, universities and research institutes in Europe.

“The partnership with the region of Puglia and the opportunity to invest in innovation – comments Michele Moretti, Fincons Group CEO – allows us to strengthen our position and role as innovators throughout the digital transformation journey, trademark of our organisation. The Bari Delivery Center, that is a smart-shore hub for IT service for our European clients, represents a key asset in our internationalisation strategy. More and more European businesses are selecting us as provider of choice on the basis of our ability to innovate and long-sighted approach towards continuous investments in order to offer the market solutions that really stand out from the crowd.”

About Fincons Group

With over 30 years of experience in IT Business Consulting, Fincons Group partners with clients to support business development through innovation. It delivers customised end-to-end software solutions to tier-1 industries: Media, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Transportation, Manufacturing and Public Administration. The Group has offices in UK (London), Switzerland (Bern, Zurich, Lugano) and Italy (Milan, Verona, Rome, Bari, Catania). In 2016 it reported sales revenue of more than 90 million euro. It has ongoing collaborations with industries, public institutions, research centers and universities via its Innovation Lab.


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