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Boston - Innovation Evolution East 2017 Conference

Innovation Evolution East 2017 Conference 

March 29-30, 2017 (pre-conference workshops on March 28)

Boston, MA


The Innovation Evolution East 2017 Conference will bring together professionals accountable for external and strategic innovation to discuss key issues surrounding connected innovation to champion open, external, and collaborative innovation and strategic partnerships.

Key topics include:

  • Activate a corporate culture to drive disruption, innovation, and growth 
  • Cultivate and access an advanced network to empower effective open, collaborative, and partnered innovation 
  • Evolve enterprise innovation models to reduce the cost and improve the impact of innovative new product development 
  • Build an open innovation toolbox to optimize the resources, frameworks and strategies which drive collaborative success 
  • Disrupt intentionally through a repeatable product innovation model    

For further information, contact: Amanda Pink, Digital Marketing Coordinator, 312-894-6310 or Amandap@marcusevansch.com