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Technology Showcase - Reduce Customer Effort and Improve Operations


Presented By: VHT

April 19th, 1:00pm Eastern

Presented by Chad Hendren, Vice President and General Manager, CX Solutions, VHT


About the Webcast

Today’s customer wants and deserves a simple, consistent experience across every channel. The ideal omni-channel journey effortlessly recognizes and guides your customers to the best outcome. VHT Navigator is a customer engagement solution that empowers the customer to get where they want to go while enabling your organization to navigate the experience in real-time and gather valuable details about your customers’ journeys. 

In this webcast demo we will share with you how Navigator can help you effectively:  

  • Bridge the gap between digital channels and voice
  • Streamline agent transfers and escalations
  • Relieve customer frustration and avoid losing potential revenue


      About the Presenters

      Chad Hendren, Vice President and General Manager, CX Solutions, VHT

      Chad brings more than 20 years of expertise in contact center technologies, hosted solutions, software development, and telecommunications services. He has traveled the world extensively, further broadening his exposure to industry challenges and customer experience expectations. To-date, Chad has numerous patents relating to telecommunications and multi-modal interaction handling with an emphasis on efficient, effective service delivery. His educational background is Business Information Systems and Software Development. Chad joined Virtual Hold Technology to work with the team to advance Customer Outcome Management solutions.