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Help Web Visitors Help Themselves


Presented By: Nuance

What happens when customers try to self-serve from your company’s Web site?

If it’s like most, 58% of them won’t find what they’re looking for and will call customer service to speak to a live agent. It’s not for lack of trying, either. 70% of those who give up have spent more than a half-hour scouring FAQs, knowledge bases and search results.

Intelligent virtual assistants can help avoid precisely this kind of customer frustration.


Download our new eBook to learn how Web virtual assistants:

  • Save money by reducing live agent interactions by more than 40%.
  • Provide the kind of Web self-service experience that becomes a market differentiator and spurs brand loyalty.
  • Leverage natural language technology to deliver the conversational self-service experience consumers prefer.

The eBook also includes videos showing how major brands are using Web virtual assistants to wow customers. Download the eBook now.