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dvsAnalytics Enhances Encore Desktop Analytics


Susan Leid
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dvsAnalytics Enhances Encore Desktop Analytics

Encore Desktop Analytics’ family of applications streamlines processes and ensures compliance

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Scottsdale, AZ – dvsAnalytics, Inc., developer of the Encore™ Workforce Optimization (WFO) Suite, today announced the release of enhanced Encore Desktop Analytics which helps organizations of all sizes protect sensitive information while recording contact center interactions, and adds searchable data to the recordings for advanced search and retrieval. Driven to provide innovative solutions, dvsAnalytics has developed an improved family of applications to meet the needs of any organization desiring to implement Desktop Analytics to ensure compliance with HIPAA and PCI regulations, and efficiently streamline processes for an improved customer experience.

While many Encore customers have benefited from using its traditional Desktop Analytics, the enhanced version delivers a more aggressive return on investment with:

  • Dramatically lower per-user licensing cost
  • Site and enterprise versions with unlimited licensing
  • Reduced or possibly no professional services
  • Out-of-the box integrations with Salesforce.com

Kathleen Kelly, CEO, explains, “Encore’s enhanced Desktop Analytics provides the opportunity for many more organizations to benefit from the various options to analyze the most important recorded interactions, while controlling recordings to maintain compliance.“

The family of applications available in Encore’s Desktop Analytics range from pre-built applications developed to require very little configuration and provide a quick start to implementation, to customized products designed to meet unique, specific needs.

For more information about the Encore Workforce Optimization Suite, contact your Encore reseller or contact dvsAnalytics directly at sales@dvsAnalytics.com or 480-538-7750. Additional information on Encore Desktop Analytics can be found at http://www.dvsanalytics.com/products/desktop-analytics.

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dvsAnalytics is a leading provider of workforce optimization software that enables organizations to improve their contact center performance while enhancing the customer experience. The company’s Encore Suite includes comprehensive applications for recording, 360° quality management, workforce management, analytics, and gamification. Encore is particularly known for its automated coaching, integrations with industry-leading communication platforms, and its rapid return on investment. dvsAnalytics has successfully delivered these solutions to enterprises, across all industries, for over 30 years. From its innovative solutions to exceptional support, customers and resellers find that doing business with dvsAnalytics is a pleasant and profitable experience. Learn more at www.dvsAnalytics.com.