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Sharpen launches cloud-based solution, brings complete customization to customer service


Kasie Pieri
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Sharpen launches cloud-based solution, brings complete customization to customer service

Sharpen Technologies, a contact center platform with an agent-first focus, today announces the launch of .CX, a new programming language that empowers companies to provide complete customization in customer service. In conjunction with the Sharpen platform, .CX enables companies to build custom contact center solutions for voice, text and data to improve both the agent and customer experience.

A cloud-based solution, .CX allows companies to write and modify their own apps within Sharpen’s environment without the need to provision or manage servers for any application or backend. The programming language ensures that Sharpen’s platform remains secure while giving companies better access to the data they need to provide customers with truly proactive support.

“Too often, cloud contact center vendors claim to offer APIs and options for customization but implement these solutions in ways that tie users back to an on-premises methodology,” said Cameron Weeks, CEO of Sharpen Technologies. “.CX is the first true object-oriented programming language focused on customer service. It lives completely in the cloud on the Sharpen platform, giving our clients total freedom to customize their customer service tools with maximum availability, security and freedom from relying on local resources.”

With the introduction of the .CX language, Sharpen is opening the door to a new way of approaching customer services. Businesses of all sizes can create experiences by focusing all their attention on creating applications, rather than maintaining the infrastructure to support them.

Founded in 2011, Sharpen is a cloud-native contact center platform that helps mid-size to enterprise-level companies create perfect customer experiences. Designed for agent productivity and efficiency, Sharpen offers a solution for both customer support and outbound sales teams. Through better technology, the company is creating happier agents and seamless customer experiences. To learn more, visit https://sharpencx.com

About Sharpen Technologies

Sharpen Technologies is committed to creating better agent experience by developing software and relationships to solve communication problems. Its cloud-native contact center platform enables customer experience teams to establish a better relationship with their customers. The company’s global platform eliminates costly on-premise hardware, increases agent efficiency, and makes customers happier through frictionless interactions. To learn more, visithttps://sharpencx.com. For media inquiries, contact Kasie Pieri at kasie@dittoepr.com or (317) 202-2280 x22.