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Rwanda is open for business: Continuing in the quest of improving customer experience


Vanessa Leyka
12 Sirdar street, Randburg

Rwanda is open for business: Continuing in the quest of improving customer experience

Rwanda’s long-term development goals seek to transform the country from a low-income agriculture-based economy to a knowledge-based, service-oriented economy with a middle-income country status by 2020.

For a nation that aspires to become a service-based economy, it is imperative that its citizens and institutions are customer-centric. It is vital that businesses and organisations adopt a customer service mentality, said Vanessa Leyka, Chief Executive Officer of Seraph Network. In today's highly competitive business environment, there's a constant and never-ending struggle that every business must face. Those who can adapt will survive and thrive, resulting in near-boundless financial success and market saturation. Those who cannot see the proverbial forest through the trees, suffer a slow and inevitable death. 

The struggle that exists today pits profits against the necessity for total customer satisfaction. The truth? Not everyone lives by the credo that the customer is always right. Not everyone is as concerned with customer satisfaction as others are. But it's those who don't relent and cave into the pursuit of profits above all else who ultimately win in this ruthless business climate, said RL. Adams, Founder of WanderlustWorker.com.

As Rwanda is being put on the map as a country that is open for business, it is important to understand that Customer service isn’t just about being courteous to your customers – it’s a vital element of business operations that can impact your bottom line and affect how your company is viewed in the public eye. The good news is, it’s relatively simple to implement a customer service improvement plan that keeps your business on top and Customer Experience Chapter Rwanda 2018 will be bringing concrete tools and strategies to do just that.


Running on 27 – 28 March 2018 at Serena hotel in Kigali, Rwanda, this premier event will be bringing together thinkers and doers, and customer experience professional to discuss trends and strategies to improve service quality, engage employees, integrate channels, and innovate processes. Experts from institutions such as Bank of Kigali, DHL, Kenya Airways, Rwandair, Rwanda Directorate of Immigration and Emigration and many more will be attending.

Email Kelly.mbayo@seraphnetwork.com to book your seat. For more information, please visit https://seraphnetwork.com/customer-experience-chapter-rwanda-2018-27-28-march-2018-kigali/

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