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New Business Book Released – Experience My Brand


Joe Tawfik
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New Business Book Released – Experience My Brand

Kinetic Consulting Services,the leading consulting company for branded customer experience announces the worldwide release of a new business book Experience My Brand.

Experience My Brand author and CEO Joe Tawfik, shows the reader how to analyze, design, and implement a branded customer experience program. The book overcomes the largest challenge facing organizations by providing a detailed guide that will achieve an increase in bottom-line profits and the number of loyal customers.

Heralded as the last battleground for competition, customer experience management has become a core strategic imperative for many organizations. Building unique emotional ties with customers that are stronger and difficult for competitors to imitate is considered the cornerstone for organizations to achieve an unbeatable competitive edge in today’s market.

Known as “branded customer experience” the association of experiences specific to a brand has created mega organisations such as Apple, Zappos and Amazon. To deliver a great branded experience to customers, an organization must embrace customer experience management as their highest priority if they are to prosper in the future. 

Tawfik wrote the book because the large majority of companies are failing to achieve any sustainable value from their customer experience programs, and were wasting their investments on changes that delivered mediocre results. Research undertaken by Accenture in 2015 identified that 77% of firms were not achieving any increases in bottom-line profits from their customer experience programs.

With clear data to complement the text, Experience My Brand puts theory into practice in a way that is practical and easily understood. Readers are provided the tools to effectively implement transformational change and create a unique and sustainable experience for their customers.

Experience My Brand is a must-have guide for those who want to learn about this increasingly important field and seek to strengthen this critical aspect of their businesses.

The book can be purchased from Amazon or from leading book retailers.


Experience My Brand

Author Joe Tawfik presents an assured collection of valuable insights in Experience My Brand that are based on his 25-plus years in senior management. His expertise as CEO of business services companies in particular underlies his assertion that to differentiate itself in the age of digital disruption, a company must make branded customer experience part of its corporate strategy. Rather than relegate customer experience management to any one department, such as marketing, it must become “embedded within a company’s DNA.”

Kinetic Consulting Services

Kinetic Consulting Services is a management consulting company providing services in a broad range of disciplines to commercial and government organisations. The key area of expertise is customer experience.  Our focus is to help our clients accelerate, optimise and transform their organisations better and faster.